Lite Bites Menu

(Lunchtime only)


Crisp Fresh Salads

Mature Cheddar Cheese £6.25
Home Cooked Ham £6.50
Selected Roast Meats (early in the week only, please ask) £6.25
Prawn and Marie Rose Sauce £7.95
Scottish Smoked Salmon £8.25


Ploughman’s Lunches

Mature Cheddar Cheese £6.75
Stilton £7.25
Brie £7.50
Home Cooked Ham £7.25
Chef’s Homemade Pâté £7.25


Filled Baguettes served with a crisp, fresh salad

Cheese £6.25
Home Cooked Ham £6.50
Tuna and Sweetcorn Mayonnaise £7.50
Selected Roast Meats
(only as available early in the week, please ask) £6.25
Bacon £6.75
Bacon and Brie £7.25
Locally Produced Pork Sausage and fried onion £7.75
Prawn and Marie Rose Sauce £7.95
Smoked Salmon £8.25
Brie and Redcurrant Jelly £6.50


Side Orders

Real Homemade Chips £1.95

We prepare all of our dishes on the premises, and they are made from only fresh ingredients. Each dish is cooked to order; at busy times, please be patient with us!

Hours of Business

Mon Lunch Closed
Mon Evening 6 - 11
Tues-Sat 12-3pm and 6-11pm
Sun 12-3pm and 7-10.30pm
Summer Only

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